The KTB “Welcomes” One of Its Own

Congratulations to Julia McCarty, newly promoted to the position of Events and Regulatory Coordinator. Julia replaces Amy Trullinger, who has moved to a different position within IU.

It could be argued that Julia knows more about the KTB than any other staff member. She began during the Indy Super Cure as an office volunteer almost seven years ago. After two years as an intern, Julia was hired part-time to assist with data and samples. Julia holds a BS in Biology from George Washington University, and soon found herself helping in the lab on a regular basis. Willing to help any staff member with any project, and guided by a seemingly endless natural curiosity, Julia soon became well acquainted with the majority of the KTB responsibilities. Her experience was an example of on-the-job training at the purest level.

When the new position of Data and Regulatory Specialist was created in November of 2015, she at last became a full-time member of the staff she had spent the past four years supporting. Now, Julia is looking forward to increasing her knowledge and abilities by working directly with the IRB on our behalf, and running our events. What a great fit, and an easy natural transition. Please help us congratulate Julia!