The When - KTB Tissue Collection Event is April 23, 2022


All eligible women are invited to donate, but we are particularly seeking Black and Brown (e.g., African American, Latina, Asian) biological females, as our sample inventory for those groups was severely depleted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The KTB tissue collection will be held at the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center, Women’s Clinic, 2nd floor, 1030 W Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46202.

Prior to the donation, participants will complete an informed consent document and an online questionnaire, height and weight measurements will be taken, and a blood sample will be taken, in addition to the actual donation of tissue. The entire process usually takes 60-90 minutes.

Please forward this newsletter article to anyone in these groups who you think would be interested in knowing about this opportunity to participate in preventive breast cancer research.

To register to donate, click this link or call the KTB’s toll-free number, 866-763-0047. Donors must have a confirmed appointment time. 

The KTB understands how important it is for participants of color to see others who look like them volunteering at our events. Therefore, we are also actively seeking Black and Brown volunteers of ANY gender to help make our upcoming event a success.

To register to volunteer, click this link or call the KTB’s toll-free number, 866-763-0047. Volunteers must commit to work a full 7:30 am – 3:30 pm shift. 

Please access our event fliers for sharing or additional information:

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