BC2 - Biospecimen Collection and Biobanking Core


We have very exciting news! As many of you know, the KTB is part of the IU Simon Comprehensive Cancer Center (IUSCCC). There are many biobanks under the IUSCCC umbrella. In order to best serve their members, and to help eliminate redundancies among the various entities that currently collect samples, the cancer center is combining some of their biobanking efforts.

The new Biospecimen Collection and Biobanking Core – or BC² – will merge the IUSCCC Tissue Procurement Core, the Komen Tissue Bank, the Clinical Trials Office’s biobanking efforts, and Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN). BC² will provide staff with cross-training, a more equitable distribution of work, and an opportunity for professional growth. BC2 recognizes the KTB’s expertise and individuality and also provides the KTB with additional integration into the IUSCCC and future stability.

You can click here to find out more information about BC2 and its individual components.