WAIT . . . WHAT?? The KTB to collect from Men!

collect from menThe KTB has very exciting news! WE WILL SOON BE RECRUITING MALE PARTICIPANTS to donate healthy breast tissue! Why is this happening? Good question. Here are a few reasons:

  • Since only 1% of breast cancer patients are men, the disease is severely understudied in males.
  • Although the survival rate of Latino males with breast cancer at one year is higher than the survival rate of white males, that rate rapidly starts to fall. In fact, during the survival period between one to five years, that survival rate of Latinos sinks to more than four percentage points lower than white men.
  • Non-Hispanic Black men have the highest incidence and mortality rates from breast cancer compared to men in other racial and ethnic groups.

Please stay tuned to our website and/or social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for upcoming information on when we will start collecting tissue from men, and how you can help if you have interest.

Our outreach and recruitment manager, Kathi Ridley-Merriweather, wants to hold a men’s focus group in October (exact date TBD). This would involve some casual conversation with other men about any thoughts, feelings, or concerns that may arise when thinking about donating their healthy breast tissue. If you are a healthy man who would like to participate in such a discussion, please contact Kathi at keridley@iupui.edu. It is particularly important for men of color to participate in this group discussion. Oh, and there will be food . . .