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In order to determine whether we have the samples you need, you can search our database on the Virtual Tissue Bank. The search will return the numbers of available samples and available annotations. If your question about sample availability cannot be answered using our database search, for example, if a variable of interest is not included in the default list, please email your query to Jill Henry.

Request samples

To find out more about why you should request samples from the KTB, please download our Komen Tissue Bank White Paper.

Samples of tissues and biomolecules which have been collected by the Komen Tissue Bank may be requested by completing a Tissue Request Proposal Form. Do not complete the form on the website. Please first save the blank form to your computer, THEN complete the form by providing the required information, and save the form as a PDF file. The file should then be emailed as an attachment to Jill Henry. In addition, please print a paper copy of the request form, have it signed by the Principal Investigator, and either email a scanned copy or return it by regular mail to:

Komen Tissue Bank, Attn: Ms. Jill Henry
550 University Blvd., AOC 6042
Indianapolis, Indiana 46202

Proposals are accepted four times during the calendar year, with the following deadlines: February 15, May 15, August 15, and November 15. All proposals must have funding and IRB approval. Each will be reviewed by a panel consisting of one internal (Indiana University – Purdue University) scientist, one external (Komen scholar) scientist, and one patient advocate.

After the proposal is approved, the researcher must sign a Material Transfer Agreement requiring that all data is to be returned to the Komen Tissue Bank within a reasonable amount of time from when data has been published and intellectual property secured. Data must be returned to the Bank even if the study results are negative, i.e., the hypothesis being tested is shown not to be correct.

The KTB will endeavor to make this process as efficient and transparent as possible. Approval will be based upon the scientific merit of the proposal, the availability of sufficient samples for the proposed project, and the non-duplication of a project already in progress.

The KTB charges minimal cost recovery fees for samples. To find a schedule of these fees, please see our Cost Recovery Schedule.

KTB samples are restricted for use for breast cancer research only.

"All women are on our minds and in our hearts today."

- Geralyn Lucas, 16 year survivor

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